Our Team

Sasa "HansTheGreat" Ikac

One of the most interesting players to touch the online poker tables. Starting as one of the most underlooked players who was told that this wasn't for him that he should go consider getting a real job & be responsible. He defied normal expectations sat down to put in the hours and continued to hone his craft. Hans turned 50$ to 500K in poker before deciding to close his public journey. If you can imagine poker as a form of continual progression, you can only imagine how well Hans himself has been doing since then.

Steven "Live:LFGStaking"

A mid to high stakes grinder who is on the continual search for games to play in, to make money and play the most solid/ aggressive poker he knows. Steven continuously tries to find spots where people make mistakes and digs into postflop on how the LFG community can do the same. Coming from a 100bb Heads Up background, Steven can teach you how to close matches, give input to defeat the population. This allows you to walk the path of a team who has all come from different backgrounds and will be able to give you input for LITERALLY every stage of the MTT!